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Apr 17, 2014

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Eye Physicians of Austin engaged Sixthriver Architects, Raymond Construction, Edge Realty Partners and Marasco & Associates of Denver to help them design, build and lease new offices in North Austin. Click the image to launch a slideshow taking you on a tour of the facility.

By Jan Buchholz – Staff Writer

Eye Physicians of Austin has embraced the value of owning its own real estate for many years and recently completed an extensive redevelopment project on Burnet Road in an area of North Austin that is erupting with new vitality.

The 22,000-square-foot building at 5011 Burnet Road with its striking curved facade and unexpected visual details was designed not only to house the six physicians and an affiliated staff of about 40, but also to provide cash flow from two retail tenants on street level.

Click on the photo to see a slideshow of the development. Austin Business Journal subscribers can read an interview with the physicians on their development strategy and business model exclusively in the April 18 weekly edition.

Sixthriver Architects handled the design assignment with Senior Associate Jeff Langham taking the lead on the project.

View photos below:

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Within the Eye Physicians of Austin practice is a retail eyewear shop with a soaring ceiling and skylights.

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The Eye Physicians of Austin building and interiors were designed by Sixthriver Architects and feature interesting curves and geometric details.

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The employee kitchen at the Eye Physicians of Austin features expansive views of the neighborhood in a booming area of North Austin along Burnet Road.

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Jeff Langham, senior associate with Sixthriver Architects, took the lead role in designing the Eye Physicians of Austin facility. It contains 20 exam rooms.

eye-physicians-7-web 600

Sixthriver Architects created visually interesting external juncture at the Eye Physicians of Austin facility at the intersection of Burnet Road and Hancock Drive.


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LS millennial image

One of the common business challenges that we have recently faced while working closely with our diverse clients is how to appeal to millennials.

While there is no one trick to attract this young generation, which is made up of the 80 million people  that were born between 1980 and 2001, we want to share a few insights into grabbing their attention from our experience:

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news coverageA positive media story published on your company and the entire executive leadership team is thrilled. Take the time to congratulate yourselves. However, now the real work begins.

While the media coverage will circulate on its own through the Internet and to your target audience, there are basic proactive steps a business can take to maximize the content to reach your current and prospective customers.

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Ken Jennings, left, with Richard Branson.
Rainbow Visions Photography, BVI


Apr 4, 2014

By Greg Barr

Managing Editor- Austin Business Journal

Ken Jennings might be the textbook definition of a serial entrepreneur.

The Texas native sold garden seeds door-to-door at 13, skipped university and opened his own service station in Maynard, a small speck of a town north of Houston, at 18.

Now he oversees Mr. Rekey, a franchised locksmith company headquartered , north of Austin in Pflugerville that serves 20 cities in 10 states and will reach $8 million in revenue this year. Jennings founded that company out of the trunk of his car with $500 in 1995.

His newest venture is Mr. Garage Door, which does exactly what the name implies: installs and services automatic garage doors.

Jennings has always liked to share his experience of starting businesses — 40 or so at the latest count — with other entrepreneurs. He is big on culture, even at a small startup, and stands by a culture-building scorecard with bullet points that every one of the Mr. Rekey employees is encouraged to memorize.

Still, Jennings says the onus was on him to learn a thing or two when he had a chance to spend several days with billionaire businessman Richard Branson on his private islands in the Caribbean in March. Jennings and several other entrepreneurs made the trek to take part in discussions with a group of scholars from Oxford University who were there to speak to Branson about solving the world’s biggest problems.

“In my opinion, he’s the ultimate entrepreneur,” said Jennings. “What was the experience like? Life-changing. Freakin’ awesome.”

Jennings said he already followed some of Branson’s well-known mantras, such as doing what you love, making sure everyone in a company is having fun and building a committed team, but noted that “he’s better than me in learning to delegate.”

Between huffing and puffing while trying to keep up with the 63-year-old Branson on long walks or playing him to a draw in chess one evening, Jennings said what impressed him the most was the British business guru’s attention to branding and finances.

“He’s shown us how to use a common brand across all industries. You know the power of the Virgin [Group] brand. Once he slaps that name on something, everybody has certain expectations that it will meet,” Jennings said.

Jennings also came away admiring Branson’s humanitarian and philanthropic missions.

“That’s what really stuck with me — his commitment to make a difference in the world and that as a successful businessman, you owe it to the rest of the world to make it a better place,” Jennings said. “I’m really starting to think about that now for my own community, like maybe we could look at switching our service vehicles over to electric.”


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